Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hide Me

* The Vanpool is fairly empty this morning. Nick/Saul gets in his seat.

"Charlie, where is everyone today? Did you kill them?"

* Barbara's not on. The guy who sells parking garages turns to the Asian lady who listens to her headphones.

"Did you call Barb," he asks.

It turns out, she has Barb's cell phone number and calls her to make sure she's not just running late or not going to work.

"This should be your job," Nick/Saul says.

* The Lincoln Tunnel is clogged this morning. Port Authority Police, for some reason, are stopping cars.

"Maybe they're looking for illegal aliens," says John Krazinski's Uncle.

"Hide me," Nick/Saul says, making everyone laugh.

* I just want to say that I love Nick/Saul. I'm not going to be on The Vanpool for a week and I already miss it.

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