Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Kick in the Face

* I got to hear a great Vanpool:Origins story today. About two years ago, Charlie got into a fender bender. Everyone on the Vanpool! had to evacuate the van and run to the nearest bus stop so Charlie wouldn't get in trouble due to the possibly illegal form of transportation he operates.

* I sat next to Norm ("I remember when that 9/11 shit jumped off") today. Interesting guy. He recounted to me the first time he took the Vanpool.

"Charlie kept on driving by my stop for a year, asking if I wanted a ride. I never went on, because I was afraid I'd get hogtied or something."

We also recounted the fight from a few weeks back.

"That dude looked like he was going to pull the door open. But then he saw me and knew he was going to get kicked in the face."

* A new guy was on The Vanpool today. He recounted to us a story about getting into his own car accident. He was moving back from college and was driving a U-Haul truck that was 11-feet tall and unfortunately drove under a bridge that was 9-feet tall.

"I called my parents and they just started laughing," he said.

Nick/Saul laughed.

"I would kill you."

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