Friday, June 11, 2010


The main topic of conversation on the van today is the BP oil spill. People know that I’m somewhat in the oil industry. They’re shocked when I tell them I have no idea how to fix a deepwater drilling-related oil spill.

Barbara is reading a NY Post article on BP. Apparently, director James Cameron bas been asked for his advice on how to fix the spill.

“He might know what to do since Titanic was so great.”

Someone starts talking about how the price of Lakeland bus tickets has just gone up by 10%. (Charlie, in response, has hiked the vanpool fee to $6.) This causes understandable complaints.

Barbara: “Do you know who can get you 10% on anything? BERNIE MADOFF.”

Every morning, we pick up copies of the Metro and AMNY – free publications geared for commuters – across the street from Port Authority. The copies are usually handed to us by a heavyset black woman.

“Doesn’t she look just like Precious,” Barbara asks. “You know, from that movie?”
No one says anything.

“She is precious. She’s absolutely adorable.”

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