Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What A Wonderful World

Today, we talk largely about resort destinations in Mexico as John Krazinski's Uncle is thinking about retiring there due to a cheaper cost of living and less invasive property taxes.

This moves into a discussion of other vacation spots.

"We were thinking about buying a place in Mexico," says one man who is an infrequent rider. "But just with customs and transporting the kids it can be daunting. So we're thinking about splitting a place in Palm Beach with my in-laws. It's just that commercial airfare is too much money."

"I can't believe that no one has come up with a business plan involving charter planes yet. Someone should start a Vanpool but with planes."

The conversation about travel continues through the entirety of the trip.

"There sure are a lot of places in this world," John Krazinski's Uncle says sagely.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Over the Railing

* We talk a *LOT* about cruises on The Vanpool. Thus, the story about that cruise ship that lost power off the coast of Mexico came up in conversation.

"Could you imagine," says Barbara. "No electricity. No air conditioning. No bathroom."

Charlie laughs.

"They must have been throwing what they left overboard," he says.

John Krazinski's Uncle laughs.

"They must have been lining up at the railing to pee."

* I tell the Vanpool that I'm headed to Boca Raton for a trip to visit my mother-in-law.

"Are you a Jew," Barbara asks, obviously knowing that Boca Raton has a large Jewish population.

I tell her that I'm not, but that my wife is.

"I didn't think you were a Jew," she says. "Boca's a great place if you're a Jew."