Tuesday, June 22, 2010

All Smiles

Barbara returned from her cruise. We were expecting a full run-down of the entire trip.

"You're back," Nick/Saul says. "How was the trip?"

"Wonderful," Barbara barks.

She then buried her head in the NY Post.

Claire, the Asian lady who usually listens to her iPod, was surprisingly chatty today. Lately, her niece Lynn -- a Rutgers student interning at a human resources department somewhere in the city -- has been riding The Vanpool.

"Where's your niece at today," Nick/Saul asks.

"She sick," Claire says in her thick accent.

"I hope she's feeling okay."

"She feels fine. She just does not want to work," Claire responds angrily.

There's an awkward pause for a few seconds.

"She seems like she's a great girl," Nick/Saul says. "She's dedicated."

"She lazy," Claire says. "She not want to work."

I ask what she's studying in school. It's Labor Relations at Rutgers. Nick/Saul says that's a great school.

"It's not Princeton," Claire says.

We soon shift to talking about the World Cup. Yesterday, North Korea -- a recent obsession of mine -- lost to Portugal 7-0.

"They lost 7-0? All those players will be dead," Claire says.

Claire then says she's rooting for Argentina and her husband's rooting for Brazil. She also rooted for the Lakers while he rooted for the Celtics.

"It's more fun on opposite sides," she says.

Jennifer has two kids. School ends for them in a few days and off they go to camp.

"Your father won't watch them," Nick/Saul asks.

"He won't on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That's when he plays mah jong."

We're in Midtown, and everyone outside is walking to work.

"Loooook at allll those smiling faces," Charlie sings. Then he turns to John Krazinski's Uncle. "Everyone's all smiles."

He laughs.

"Yes, they're all smiling, Charlie."

He pauses.

"Everyone's just happy to have a job these days."

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