Friday, June 25, 2010

The Cruise

Nick/Saul tells Barbara that his 21-year-old niece was thinking about going on a cruise to Greece. Barbara has been oddly silent about her trip.

"Oh, does she need somebody to go with her," Barbara says. "It was absolutely amazing."

Barbara suggests that, if his niece does go and goes on the same ship she went on, she should spend an extra $25 per day in order to eat at the on-board stake house. "It's just as good as Peter Lugar's," she says.

Barbara also describes the Internet experience on board a ship that travels through Greece.

"My husband has one of those iPod laptop things," she says. "It came in handy at the end of the trip, when we were checking on our plane ride home. They give you a really good deal to go online and check your e-mails or whatever. They lowered the price to $25 for 100 minutes."

Barbara also says that the cruise was mostly people in their 50s and 60s, but a 21-year-old would also enjoy themselves. "How could you not?"

Barbara, however, suggests an umbrella for protection against harmful UV rays. "The sun... it's magnificent, but it can be really harmful."

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