Friday, June 11, 2010

New Jack City

Barbara’s reading a NY Post story that’s about a plane that crashed in Libya in which the only survivor was some Dutch child.

“What I don’t get,” she says, “is if this plane is flying from Africa to Europe, why they crashed in Libya.”

I explain to her that Libya is in Africa.

“Is it? Well, what do I know? I don’t know where any of these countries are.”
She turns the page of the Post. The next story is about a drug gang that was busted in the South Bronx.

Barbara goes over the details of the article. The drug gang actually owned and operated its own apartment building. They were caught with $50,000 in cash, several pounds of cocaine and dozens of weapons. They also provided a valet parking service for their customers.

“It sounds like it’s a scene from New Jack City,” she says. “That’s one of my favorite movies. The acting in that movie is so good.”

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