Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Constitutional Convention

* Barbara brings her dog to an area "camp" for periodic dogsitting needs.

"It's great. I go to the spa nearby and get a facial. We give our dog a little towel which she sits on and she plays with the other dogs and everything. It's really cute. They have all these Poloriods up of captions of what the dogs would say if they talked. It's adorable."

* Nick/Saul brought his umbrella to work. I noticed it was awfully large. I also noticed that it had a clamp on the bottom, which means he uses a deck umbrella in everyday activities.

* A power struggle over Vanpool heating needs once again developed.

"It's not for me since I'm getting off, but the other people back here are dying," Barbara said. (Not one person suggested such a thing.)

"I only had them turn the air off because you said you were too cold," said Scott, a semi-regular.

"I think there should be a rule. You have to wait three minutes to get acclimated to the temperature before you can ask to change the air," said John Krazinski's Sage Uncle.

"I don't have to get acclimated to anything," Barbara said when she got off.

After she left, John Krazinski's Uncle said, "I really think we should make that a rule."

"I think we should draw up a charter," I say.

He laughs.

"We really could use a Vanpool constitution."

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