Tuesday, August 3, 2010


* Charlie informs us that he won't be picking us up tomorrow.

"On the days you don't come you should pick us up," says Nick/Saul.

Charlie doesn't hear him. The guy riding shotgun today explains what was just said.

"That doesn't sound fair to me," says Charlie.

* Barbara starts talking to the lady next to her out of nowhere.

"There's this girl at work. She's from some Caribbean island. She's smart and a really hard worker but she's slow," Barbara says. "So she stays late every night. This really rubs me wrong since I leave early. Why would you stay late to make sure you get your work done?"

* It's revealed that there is a vanpool which will take you TO New Jersey from New York and will drop you off at an IHOP in Parsippany. Also, there's also a rival vanpool which will take you in for the 8 am bus.

Don't worry -- there's only ONE Vanpool for me!

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