Wednesday, August 25, 2010


* Nick/Saul is late and has to, as always, sprint across the highway to get the Van.

"Here comes Saul," Barbara says, despite the controversial past few days where we truly learned his name.

* Nick/Saul and Barbara talk about cruise ships. Nick/Saul's daughter just got back from a trip to Greece, a similar trip to one Barbara took several months ago.

Nick said that his daughter loved the seafood on the trip.

"So did she eat at the steakhouse or the seafood place," Barbara asks.

"The seafood place," Nick/Saul says.

"Because you can get seafood at both. So are you sure it was the seafood place and not the steakhouse," Barbara once again asks.

"Well, I know she got seafood," Nick/Saul says.

"I just wonder if it was the seafood place or the steakhouse."

* A new guy is on the Vanpool today and I'm pretty sure it was James Franco doing some method acting thing. It looked EXACTLY like James Franco.

* We stop at the corner near Port Authority to pick up the newspapers today. People behind us are NOT happy. I now know what it sounds like to have 25 cars honking their horns at you all at once.

(It sounds kind of like Earth Crisis.)

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