Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some Candy Talking

* We're next to Port Authority awaiting to pick up our copy of the free morning papers. The lady who looks like Precious is busy, so Norm gives us the Metro.

"I didn't have to use my charms on her today," says John Krazinski's Uncle, who has been alleged to have a flirtatious relationship in the woman.

"Maybe you should get her some candy," Barbara says. "Some sweets for your sweet!"

John Krazinski's Uncle chuckles.

"Well, Valentine's Day is a little far away," he says.

"We should form a task force to figure out what the right gift to give her is," Barbara says.

* Discussion begins about that flight attendant who quit his job in stunning fashion. This then ends up with various Vanpool riders discussing -- and ranking -- the airports which do the best job at baggage return. Chicago's universally hailed as the best; Newark's the worst.

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