Friday, August 20, 2010

That *IS* His Name

* For months, I have wondered if the name of the man who gets on at the stop I do (aka the nicest person I've ever met in my life) is Nick or Saul. As such, I have called him Nick/Saul on here.

Today, I'm in the back so I don't get to hear the entirety of the conversation. But when Nick/Saul gets off (he's the first stop), I hear John Krazinski's Uncle say "Have a good day, Nick" to uproarious laughter.

I move forward when we get closer to my stop.

"Hey, did you guys call Nick 'Nick' today," I ask.

"Yes. It turns out that's his name," Charlie says.

I start to cackle with glee. They've been calling him 'Saul' because his last name sounds sort of like that and they thought that was his first name.

I ask how long they've been calling him that.

"Forever," John Krazinski's Uncle says.

* A man in his 40s who is an occasional rider usually watches Doubt, Oz or other brutal films/TV shows. Today, he's playing a video game on his rich person phone called "Ancient War."

* We pick up our newspapers at the usual spot. The man who called Charlie "Baby" earlier this week today says: "Here you are, my beautiful people."

* A new man rides this morning. He has to go uptown and doesn't know what subway line to take. After some debate, Barbara finally speaks up.

"Here. Just follow me. I'll take you where you need to go," very sternly. She then expounds on the benefits of the R train.

We drive past a woman near Bryant Park wearing very uncomfortable shoes.

"In all my years playing sports, I only broke my ankle once," John Krazinski's Uncle says. "I'd break my ankle in five minutes if I wore those."

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