Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Be My Baby

* Jennifer brings her 10-year-old on the Vanpool today. I'm tempted to ask him, "Is this your first time in a stranger's van?" I don't.

* We arrive at the corner where we pick up our newspapers. The girl who looks like Precious hands us a few copies. For some reason, someone else handing out newspapers walks up to the van. He points to us with double fingers, like Ted Lange in the beginning of The Love Boat. He then pounds his heart with his fist.

"What's going on, baby?" He asks.

He then gives John Krazinski's Uncle a fist pound.

"I bet that's the first time anyone has called you baby," says one of the older guys up front, who spent most of the morning previously talking about municipal golf courses in the North Jersey area.

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