Thursday, August 5, 2010

Orgasm Addict

* The guy who said earlier that he was attacked by albinos sits behind me this morning. He makes these strange moaning, grunting sounds which remind me of bedroom play.

After one of his grunts, Barbara asks him if he's okay.

"Yes," he says. "I was just thinking of someone I know."

* We drive past a billboard that advertises "tubeless toilet paper" which is some sort of enviro-friendly initiative.

"Now that's really going green," says the guy who sells parking garages.

* We drive to the corner where the girl who looks like Precious hands us our newspapers. Norm gets off at this stop. Charlie, doesn't see him, so we have to tell Charlie that Norm's getting out.

"Man, he was trying to kill you," Precious says. "You alright? You have whiplash or something?"

Norm insists that he's okay.

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