Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Atlantic City

* Early Vanpool conversation strays from the perils of working for a firm being taken over by private equity and moves to a discussion of Atlantic City. After a quick recap of various "comp" trips given, Charlie chimes in.

"I'll tell you what," Charlie says. "If you ever want to feel young, hang out at the Atlantic City bus station for a while."

* Conversation somehow transitions to a talk about foreign language learning skills. One of the older guys who rides up front has lived in several different countries, including France.

"My technical French wasn't bad. But my accent was awful," he says. "I had a tutor and she told me that the only way you could truly learn French was to take a mistress."

Someone asks him if this was a proposition.

"She was young and very beautiful," he says. "So no."

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