Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying

Charlie can't make it this morning. I get on the bus instead. It's third-world level packed, which means there's only standing room. I have to stand on my tippie-toes to make sure I fit in behind the white line. If we stop short at all, I am going to die since dozens of people will fly into me and I'll crash through the windshield.

In order to quell this crowding, another bus from a different route is pulled over to the highway to pick us up.

There are a lot of Vanpoolers on this bus. Everyone -- even the people who just listen to headphones and watch creepy HBO prison serials -- waves and smiles.

Nick/Saul and I end sup sitting next to John Krazinski's Uncle. We chat the entire ride. Topics include: baseball, John Krazinski's Uncle's son's impending visit home, and Charlie. A few laughs are exchanged, especially when talking about other Vanpool riders.

Everyone else on the bus is absolutely miserable looking.

I have the best morning commute ever.

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