Thursday, September 9, 2010

Catching Up

I was away on a business trip and haven't taken the Vanpool in a while. I sit next to Jennifer who tells me what I've missed.

* Christina is an older Asian woman who does not say much. She rode the Vanpool the first few weeks I took it. She then was laid off from her job. However, she just started a two-month temp job in the city and will now be with us.

Barbara and her apparently never saw eye-to-eye.

"Oh, so I have to look at you for another two months," Barbara said when she saw Christina.

* Traffic was apparently really bad yesterday. Charlie took a shortcut through Jersey City that led them past a diner. Barbara forced Charlie to pull over so she could use the bathroom.

On today's Vanpool:

* I sat in front of the guy who moans oddly. He was muttering things all morning, including: "Mother Theresa" and then minutes later, "You stupid single minded woman."

Jennifer once road the bus back with him. His mom was sick at the time. She asked him how she was doing.

"He told me that he never liked his mom. One time, she was at a baby shower. All of his aunts were giving updates about what their children were doing. His mom said nothing about him."

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