Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Voices

* John Krazinski's Uncle's daughter is riding today, visiting NYC since she's on vacation. They're sitting directly in front of Barbara.

Christina and Jennifer are sitting behind Barbara. They were talking for a few minutes and then stopped.

After about two minutes, Barbara turns around.

"Which one of you is talking?"

Jennifer and Christina look at each other.

"We weren't talking," Christina says.

"I keep hearing one of you talk but I don't recognize the voice," Barbara says. "I know your voices so well. But which one of you is it?"

She looks at me.

"Is it you?"

"No. I haven't said a word all morning."

Barbara then realizes.

"Oh, it's his daughter! It's because I never met her before," Barbara says. "I thought maybe I had voices in my head from all the drugs I took last night."

* When Barbara leaves, Christina turns to me.

"Barbara asked me again exactly what day I was going to stop riding the van."

* I won't be taking the van again until next Tuesday. I tell this to Charlie when I step off.

"Do you promise?"

I do.

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