Thursday, October 7, 2010

Crush the Rebels

The Vanpool is both very diverse and well-read.

John Krazinski's Uncle frequently brings both a copy of Investor's Business Daily and The Economist with him and is quite knowledgeable about pretty much everything. Christina, Colombian by birth, works for the UN and is outspoken about Latin American politics.

"What do you think about Ecuador," John Krazinski's Uncle asks, referring to the recent troubles in that nation that nearly sacked the presidency of leftist Rafael Correa.

"Oh, he's nuts," Christina says. "He's not as kookoo as Hugo Chavez. But he's still nuts. I hate him."

I ask her what she thinks of Colombia's new president, Juan Manuel Santos.

"He is perfect," she says. "He is everything Colombians want. He's going to crush the rebels and kill them. He's going to crush FARC."

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