Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dog Bite

* Barbara and Christina are talking about dog. I join in the conversation as I'm obsessed with my dog.

"I have this little tiny thing that's so adorable," Barbara says. "We wrap him up and bring him in a stroller to all the department stores."

* Barbara also recounts the e-mails she used to receive from a family friend.

"This girl, she was about 22. She used to send us e-mails with pictures of her dog with another dog. It would say things like, 'We might fun off and get married,'" she says. "It was great. My husband and I used to run to the computer to check her e-mails every night. We actually started to believe they were real."

* We start talking about the rescue of the Chilean miners. Barbara says that she was given a "disaster kit" from a local Jewish community center.

"It's so small. There's so much that's placed in it. There's all this food. There's a blanket. But it's so compact," she says. "Those miners had kits like that I bet. They were well equipped to live down there."

* We pick up the morning newspapers at the corner. The man who hands them to us says, "Don't get bit by a dog on the way down."

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