Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fashion Is A Passion

* Nick/Saul is sitting next to Barbara. He puts my bookbag next to her as he leaves.

"You can have anything in my bookbag," I tell her. She asks me what's inside. "Well, my lunch. It's a PB&J sandwich, plus some Pop Tarts."

She laughs.

"That's how you keep so young! One of my co-workers daughter comes to work sometimes. That's what she eats! She's 11."

* I ask Barbra if she wants to read one of the two books in my bag. The first is a biography of James K. Polk. She says that she'll pass.

The other is a book about an anarchist attack on Wall Street which took place in 1920. (True.)

"I heard on the news the other day that it's bad to invest now but working on Wall Street is great," she says.

"Well, my book is about how a bomb exploded on Wall Street and a bunch of people were killed," I say.


* A man I've never seen before gets off early. He says, "Cheers, everyone," despite not being British.

"Did you hear that, Christina," Barbara says. "He said cheers to you. I'm going to tell your husband that he said that to you. I bet he won't like that. What's his name again? Frank?"


"Well, I'm going to tell him this and he won't like it."

* Barbara steps off and Christina rolls her eyes.

"She told me before to not talk when she reads the paper," she says. "But everyone wants to hear me talk. Right?"

I tell her that, yes, I want her to talk. (I ignore the fact that I blog about my morning commute and conversation gives me material.)

"She also makes fun of my clothes. The other day, she said, 'Don't you think you'll suffocate to death wearing that?' I'm going to have to call her every morning so she can tell me what to wear," she says.

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