Wednesday, July 21, 2010


* The ride begins with Nick/Saul saying hello to Barbara.

"What are you saying high to me for," she asks, but playfully.

Nick/Saul laughs.

"You are the bright spot of my day," Nick/Saul says. "One day when you weren't here, we were talking about you and we all said that."

"I'm sure," Barbara says. She pauses.

"I tell people at work that I can be mean sometimes. They all say, 'Not you,'" she says.

"You were born to put a smile on the face of the world," I say.

She gives me a dirty look.

* We pull up to get our newspapers. The girl who Barbara once labeled as "Precious" was not there.

"Leon's girl isn't here today," says one of the older men who talks about home furnishings a lot.

"Leon's not here, either," Barbara says. "I bet they ran off together."

* "Anything knew in the world today," Charlie asks, referencing the newspapers.

"Oh, just a rash of drownings," says Mr. Home Furnishings.

"People don't respect the ocean," Charlie says.

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