Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Moves

* My parents have a house in upstate New York. Barbara brings this up in conversation. I ask her if she's ever been to Saratoga, which is a pretty well-to-do town.

"Surprisingly no," she says.

"That's a surprise. I would have thought that a woman on the go such as yourself would have been there," I say.

"I do have the moves," she says.

* I am sitting next to Barbara. She asks me if I could move in the backseat before she gets out.

"You know me. I need to fly in the morning."

* The guy at the corner who hands us newspapers runs up to the van.

"Sorry I'm late. It's raining out. And you know what happens to me when it rains? I start to mellllllllllltttttt."

* Christina fakes (I think?) being mad at me.

"Make sure you don't talk tomorrow so I can sleep."

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