Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Charlie Sheen Moment

* Vanpool discussion focuses around Charlie Sheen, as all discussions in all aspects of my life have the past few weeks.

"I had my own Charlie Sheen moment," Barbara says.

"I'd like more details," I say.

"Yes, please," Nick says. "Don't be bashful."

Barbara is elusive, but we finally get her to spill.

"I was at a private club with a boyfriend of mine," she says. "He was cute. So he came up to us and and said he was going to another party and wanted to know if we wanted to go. So we got into the limo with him and went to this other party."

I ask her what a "private club" means.

"You know," she says. "It's private."

She then continued about Charlie Sheen.

"He was young to have a limo. It was when Red Dawn was coming out so he must've been about 26." (EDITOR'S NOTE: I just checked. He was 19.)

"He gave me his number so I called him once or twice and then that's it. I was going through some old things a few years ago and found his number. But that was so long ago. It wasn't really anything."

* After Barbara leaves, everyone turns around laughing. I thought they were sleeping the entire trip. They thank me for my ability to fish information from her while keeping a straight face.

* John Krazinski's Uncle leaves his briefcase in the back of The Van this morning. He goes to retrieve it but Charlie doesn't see him. He's then nearly dragged for about 10 feet as he runs while holding onto the back of The Van. Charlie finally stops before an awful tragedy strikes.

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