Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What A Wonderful World

Today, we talk largely about resort destinations in Mexico as John Krazinski's Uncle is thinking about retiring there due to a cheaper cost of living and less invasive property taxes.

This moves into a discussion of other vacation spots.

"We were thinking about buying a place in Mexico," says one man who is an infrequent rider. "But just with customs and transporting the kids it can be daunting. So we're thinking about splitting a place in Palm Beach with my in-laws. It's just that commercial airfare is too much money."

"I can't believe that no one has come up with a business plan involving charter planes yet. Someone should start a Vanpool but with planes."

The conversation about travel continues through the entirety of the trip.

"There sure are a lot of places in this world," John Krazinski's Uncle says sagely.

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