Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Take My Clothes Off

Barbara, once again, is cold. Ed is manning shotgun today and turns the heat up. However, now it is too hot for Claire and Christina. He has to adjust the heat for them. But now once again it's too cold for Barbara. This lasts for 15 minutes.

I am sitting in the back. I am now asked what I think about The Vanpool temperature.

"Well, it's a little hot," I say. "But I'm okay."

I'm wearing a ski hat.

"You can just take your hat off," Barbara says. "If you're worried about your hair being messy, Christina does hair on weekends."

Christina just glares at Barbara.

"Who does hair on weekends," Barbara says.

Christina then tells me I can also take off my jacket.

"Maybe I should put on my stripper music," Barbara says to me.

I ask her to repeat herself since I am in disbelief.

"You know, my stripper music. So you can strip."

Nick then tells me I should give Barbara my change (I paid with a $20 today and received $15 in singles) so she can put the money down my pants.

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