Monday, January 31, 2011

Pocket Protector

* It's my first Vanpool ride in a while. When I get on, Christina for some reason asks if I have Super Bowl tickets I can give her.

* Barbara makes Charlie adjust the heat on the van about 64 times.

"My feet are just so cold," she says.

John Krazinski's Uncle tells her that he can bring her a blanket.

"Well, what good will that do me? I don't want to put a blanket on my feet. I'll get the blanket dirty," she says.

* We're at the corner where we get our newspapers. The guy at the corner asks us how are weekend was. We then ask him how his was.

"I can't remember," he shouts. "I think I have to check my pocket."

He then cackles in glee and walks away.

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